Each WuduMate footbath is available with a range of accessories designed to complement its use, with probably the most important accessory being a tap, without which it cannot operate.  Each tap is designed to complement the Wudu appliance to ensure the spout is in the most comfortable position for Wudu and that the direction of the water flow is such that it minimizes splashing.

Choice of Tap

To combat Legionnaires ’ disease in a commercial building, water should be heated to 60C at which level it can scald, thus a water mixer should ideally be used to control the water temperature. In such an application therefore, we would not recommend a manually controlled tap (Manual Lever Pillar) because of the risk of scalding, rather a tap with an automatic water mixer. Our most widely installed tap with the WuduMate when installed in a commercial environment, is the 1/4 turn Pillar Tap, installed with a TMV (Thermostatic Mixing Valve) with the angle of the spout pointing  vertically down, so the direction of the water is not dependent on the water pressure. 

Sensor driven taps are another option in the commercial sector, but these do need periodic maintenance, and where these are likely to be used by children, such as in schools and/or in mosques, it should be noted that children do sometimes put gum over the sensor to keep the water flowing, which obviously can lead to water wastage.