WuduMate supply a range of shattafs for fixed use and the WuduMate Personal for performing 'istinja' when travelling.

There is a possible misconception that heavier, brass sprays are better value than lighter, plastic shattaf sprays. The reality is that if the heavier, brass models are accidently dropped on the side of a porcelain toilet bowl, they can easily crack it, which can be far more expensive in the long run than expected! 

Whether plastic or brass shattafs are utilised, these should not be left under direct water pressure for long periods or they can/will leak. In all circumstances, an isolator value should be installed in-line, and ideally this shoud be closed when the shattaf is not being used. In practice turning the shataff off after use is unlikley to happen, so in the worst case when a leak does occur, with an isolator valve installed, at least the shattaff can be easily isolated to reduce leakage and replace the damaged/missing spray as necessary.