A Guide to Best Practice Multi-faith Room Design

Diversity Matters is fast becoming the de facto guide to multi faith facility design in the workplace and other public buildings. This publication is increasingly considered essential literature for employers, property owners, facilities managers, architects, building designers, specifiers and interior designers seeking to understand more about multi-faith room design in the workplace.

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An excerpt:

“Different faiths have different approaches to ritual duties and performance. For example, whilst Christianity is not demanding in terms of specific daily rituals, Islam requires Salat (prayers) five times a day. This inevitably means that for proper observance Salat will almost certainly occur during the ordinary working day.

“It therefore makes commercial sense to try to minimise the amount of unproductive time involved in getting to, using and returning from the facilities provided. This can be achieved by having a faith room close to individual work locations in the same way as toilets are distributed around buildings.“Ideally multi-floored offices should have a faith room on each floor. The cost-benefit analysis would clearly demonstrate whether or not such an arrangement was justified.”